Phone Service

UNLIMITED calling is just the start!

Keep your own phone number when switching to CCC Digital Voice Home Phone Service and get discounted rates when combined with other CCC Services. Just a few features included are Caller ID, E-911, Call Waiting, Voicemail, Call Block, Call Forwarding, Call Log, Call Return, Speed Dial, and Many More.

Easy-to-use instructions

Voicemail - check your messages:

  1. 1. Dial *98
  2. Enter default passcode 8624 and press # (first time setup)
  3. Follow passcode has expired prompt, enter a permanent passcode and press #
  4. Re-enter permanent passcode and press #
  5. Follow the rest of the prompts to record name and greetings

To Access Voicemail:

  1. From On-Network Extension: Dial*98
    From Off-Network Extension: Dial 10-Digitit Phone Number and press * when greeting starts
  2. Enter passcode and press #

Main Voicemail Menu Options:

  • (1) To access Viocemail
  • (3) Record Name
  • (8) To change passcode
  • (9) To exit the voice portal
  • (#) To repeat this menu

  • Access Voicemail Options:
  • (1) To listen to voicemail
  • (2) To change mailbox busy greeting
  • (3) To change mailbox or no answer greeting
  • (5) To compose and send new message
  • (7) To delete all massages
  • (*) To go to the CommPilot voice portal
  • (#) To repeat menu

Star Codes:

Various Features have the ability to be enabled or disabled through the use of your telephone shortcuts

Anonymous Call Rejection
Call Forwarding- Always
Call Forwarding- Busy
Call Forwarding- No Answer
Call Forwarding- Not Reachable
Call Forwarding Selective
Call Park
Call Return
Call Waiting
*56 or *43*57 or *43
Caller ID- Block Outbound (per call)
Caller ID Delivery Block- Outbound
Cancel Call Waiting
Clear Voice Message Indicator
Direct Voicemail Transfer
Do Not Disturb
Flash Call Hold
Forced Forwarding
Last Number Redial

* Please note that unlimited calling is within the continental US.