Digital Transition FAQ’s

Digital Transition FAQ’s

TJ Scott

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our digital cable transition.  If you have a question not answered on this list, please email us at


Q: Why do you need to do this?

A: We have been providing a  great product to our communities for several decades, improving on it as time goes on.   With Digital Cable, we are able to get more channels to you than ever before with an even better picture quality.  In the place of one analog channel, we can send out either 3 to 4 HD channels, up to 14 Standard Definition Digital channels, or another 40mbps bandwidth capacity for Internet service.

Going Digital is a much more efficient way to use the investment we have made over several decades into the over 300 miles of coaxial and fiber optic cables installed all over the region. The amplifiers and distribution equipment we are still getting excellent service out of can remain in service, rather than throwing it away for higher capacity equipment.


Q: Will my tried-and-true Tube TV set still work?

A: YES!  You will just need a converter from us to continue to view Basic programming. You can get one for free by calling us at 800-272-2191 or by stopping by our Monticello office to pick it up.


Q: I have an HDTV, but cannot see HD programming with it now.  It only is able to pick up the analog channels 2 through 71.  What is wrong?

A: There are a couple of possible reasons.  The most common is that a Digital Cable channel scan needs to be performed. Some models require this in a separate step from the Analog Cable scan.  The other reason could be that your HDTV does not have Digital Cable tuner built-in.  Brands such as RCA, and Phillips, Proscan and Westinghouse make most of their models with Digital Broadcast tuners, however they will be without Digital Cable tuners. Look closesly before making a purchase to make sure you are purchasing a TV with a Digital Cable tuner.


Q: I have an HDTV without a Digital Cable tuner built-in.  How can I receive my basic channels after the conversion?

A: You will need a converter from us to continue to see Basic programming. You can get one for free by calling us at 800-272-2191 or by stopping by our Monticello office to pick it up.


Q: What if I want to view my programming in HD on my HDTV that does not have a Digital Cable tuner built-in?

A: You will want to get our HD DVR.  They are only $9.95/month and will also include full DVR functionality. You can pause, record and rewind your shows, and you will have our Rovi iGuide interactive program guide.   For the money, they are a great value.


Q: Will I experience an interruption in my service?

A: This will be a complete replacement of the systems distributing our programming to you.  From about 11pm on August 30 until 6am August 31, you will experience interruptions in all of your channels throughout the night.  Some will return in their new format and channel location in minutes, others longer.  On the morning of August 31, perform a channel scan on your TV, and you will be all set.  On the weeks leading up to the transition, you may see some channels bounce off and on for a couple of minutes randomly as we re-arrange our headend and install equipment.


Q: Will my channels be on the same channel number as before?

A: We will  be moving every channel to new locations and is still being fine-tuned.  A channel lineup will be provided 2 weeks before the launch so that you will know where they will be located.  Also, we will provide this lineup on our website, on Facebook, in The Advance Monticellonian, and in The Eagle Democrat, and on channel 19 for you to view.


Q: I’m a local advertiser, what will this do to our ads?

A: Our local advertising partner, Alpine Advertising, is preparing to launch all ad insertion in HD at the same time we perform the conversion.  Not only will there NOT be an interruption in advertising, they will also be shown on our HD feeds.


Q: Am i going to get a bunch of duplicate channels (SD and HD Versions) like i do now?

A: Our design is unlike our previous headend design where you can easily miss an HD channel because you tuned to the SD or Analog version.  With the new design, we will be hiding the SD version from your HD TV set’s channel scan.  All your HDTV will see is the HD versions of the channels you are subscribed to.  If you have an SD TV or our SD converter, you will only see the SD version with your converter.  More good news is, if you have a DVR AND an SD Converter, the channel number will be the same on both boxes.