One Terabyte Monthly Usage Allowance!!!

One Terabyte Monthly Usage Allowance!!!

John Wilson

You need bandwidth and we deliver.  Community Communications is increasing the monthly usage allowance from 300GB to 1TB.    That’s a huge jump giving you and members of your household the headroom to stream and use internet on multiple devices without the worry of overages.  We have increased the overage fee to $15.00 for every 100GB over the 1TB usage allowance.


What does 1TB give you?

  • Up to 1 million photographs (average file size of 1MB)
  • 2000 5 minute HD videos (that’s a lot of YouTube)
  • Countless hours or music and video simultaneously in your home.  
  • Around 415 Netflix videos that are 90 minutes long(in HD).

Spread the word data has been unleashed!

From all of us at Community Communications, thank you for being a customer!


John Wilson

Director of Operations